Establishment and legal services for companies and entrepreneurs

Running a business regardless of the chosen form means permanent struggle with the current legal status, which is subject to constant changes.

Often entrepreneurs, especially those who start functioning, do not realize the multiplicity of issues that should be sorted out in order to protect themselves against later negative legal consequences.

The Law Office has experience in day-to-day servicing of companies and entrepreneurs, providing legal assistance in the following areas:

  • legal advice regarding the selection of the most optimal form of running a business;
  • assistance in preparing the documentation necessary to register the company;
  • registration of companies, and further amendments to the National Court Register,
  • preparation of internal acts for companies, such as: regulations, resolutions of the management board, resolutions of the general meeting;
  • drawing up trade agreements and employment contracts,
  • advice on labor law;
  • advice on the recovery of claims;
  • consultancy in the scope of the GDPR;
  • representation before courts and administrative bodies.