Alicja Gralińska-Kozieł - legal counsel in Poznan

The Office team offers you a wide range of solutions for both entrepreneurs and individuals. Due to the fact that the Polish legal system is dynamic and subject to constant changes, and the reality generates various actual states, our lawyers adapt the solutions to the specifics of the case as well as to the expectations of our clients.

The Office team provides Clients with full availability, reliable approach to the case and professional assistance. While carrying out the assigned tasks, our lawyers are guided by the broadly understood protection of Client’s interests respecting the rules of ethics and advocate’s confidentiality that apply to us.

The wide range of services provided by the Law Firm includes primarily legal advice, drawing up contracts, legal opinions, representation of the client in court proceedings as well as a permanent, comprehensive service for business entities. The office cooperates with legal advisors and lawyers with experience in conducting cases, including in the field of civil law, family law with particular focus on divorce and alimony cases, labor law, administrative law, commercial company law and criminal law. In the course of the cases, the Law Office also cooperates with tax advisors as well as with the Bailiffs Office at the stage of enforcement proceedings.